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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fadhil Zhafri's World of Blogging is back with a new direction

Pardon me my loyal readers and followers. I have been missing in action as I was busy chasing for success in  life after failing several times. Though still no result yet but I am walking on this turbulence with all strengths that I have in me to continue with my life. Anyway, I am back again in the blogging world but this time, my blog will be focusing more to my business. As you may aware, that I am a businessman in car line hence, the time has come for me to do this full swing as well as create and trigger the awareness for my potential clients as well as strategic business partners out there to do business with me in car line.

I ensure that this time, my page will be a fun page to view as well as targeting my new audience whom are actively looking for cars in the future. This page will be much fun with a combination of personal laughters and tears as well as creating business between me and customers directly via this virtual showroom. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Fadhil Zhafri
Car Consultant