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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Faces of Fadhil Zhafri

Hello, I am back!

Indisch (Dutch-Indonesians), The Hidden Indonesian Assimilation Culture

Indo people (also known as Indos, Dutch Indonesians, Indo-Dutch, or Dutch-Indos) consists of Europeans, Asians, and persons of mixed European–Asian blood", and people who "associated themselves with and experienced the colonial culture of the former Dutch East Indies". Indos or Eurasians are people acknowledged to be of mixed Dutch and Indonesian descent.

The actual concept of assimilation between the East and the West, the unique Indonesian culture. The one featured in the photo is Wieteke Van Dort or also known as Tante Lien. She was born in Soerabaja (known as Surabaya today) and was exposed to most of Indonesian cultures and eventually she still wears her baju kebaya Indonesia and even sings keroncong in Dutch language.

Her favorite meals are very Indonesians; sambel goreng telor, sajoe loedae and tahoe petis.