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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What Is Wrong With our Today's Teenagers?

Frankly speaking, I am still speechless, stunned and devastated with yesterday's incident causing the death of a school boy. Barely young at 15 years of age and died tragically in the incident. The incident had left me with a sleepless night, imagining if the dead was my own child, I would be the most devastated person that time. Our teenagers had gone too far that they dont know when to be serious or cracking jokes or purposely bullied those poor innocent teenagers. 

To all teenagers who might be reading this, let uncle tell you one thing. Does teasing people by pranking them would do good? It is as good as bully. You guys thought it is fun, but the fact is it is not. You indirectly affect their mental and psychology i.e. they lost their confidence and feeling inferiority complex. I know you dare to do it in group what if you do it alone? Let uncle call you guys with one word, COWARD. The person whom you bullied is the strongest one for they are strong enough to face the odds by themselves. Yes you can laugh out loud now, but wait till the time comes, what goes around comes around when your own child fall victim into the act that you once committed to others, 

Why did you do that? Just a joke? To you yes it looks like a joke but the fact is, with your stupid act and so called joke, had actually cost a life where his parents are putting hope on and gone in a split second due to your stupidity acts on the so-called jokes. Now, he is gone, who to be blame? Want to laugh some more? Uncle dont know whether are you guys are born as human, it is better still if you become an animal or perhaps beast, but knowing these creatures, they dont do that to their own kinds in fact very protective. Would you like to live in a long term trauma after what you did? Or maybe you dont have feelings as in, he is dead so be it. Nice one right?

Although the one who died did not have any relationship tie with me but I feel his family's feelings. I am a father of Muhammad Nazrin Farhan who just turn 2 this year. Like any other parents, they want the best and they dont even want to be harsh by using vulgar words or cursing their child hence when this happen, it struck me right to the deepest part of my heart because I imagine if that was Nazrin, not just devastated but I swear that I am going to teach those who did that to my son an unforgettable lesson for them. 

Teenagers, please grow up and think is it cool to become a bully? And is it cool to do an overly done joke? And is it cool to humiliate people and then share it in the social media? Think about it, it may not be happening to you now, but your kids or perhaps next generation? Think about it. Uncle not mad just giving a piece of advise. Please refrain bullies and immoral acts. You are the voice of the future and I aint want you to go astray and drifted with this worldly affair. 

Uncle Dell

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